Syreeta Butler

President & CEO

Love, abundance and growth. These are just a few words that Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Syreeta Butler, lives by. Having been in practice for over 14 years, Syreeta began her mental health journey at a young age. Witnessing her own family’s struggle and dysfunction, she vowed to be the person to finally break the generational trauma her family was experiencing. Syreeta kept her promise to herself and enrolled in California State University-Northridge, where she received her undergraduate degrees in both Psychology and Af-Am Studies. Upon graduating, Syreeta wanted to further her knowledge in the psychology and mental health field. She then relocated to San Francisco, where she enrolled in the Graduate program at The California Institute of Integral Studies, receiving a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Holistic Psychology/Medicine.

Syreeta’s unique approach to holistic developmental healing led her to create a lane that has broken barriers. After a chance encounter at a concert one evening, Syreeta met the owners of one of the top music labels – LVRN. She presented an idea to create a Mental Health & Wellness Program within a music label. LVRN loved the idea, and brought Syreeta on board as a consultant to create an in-house program dedicated for the overall wellness of its artists and employees. Within a short period of time, Syreeta has been able to create a paradigm shift and create a new normal in the music industry and entertainment as a whole where mental health is seen as an important component of any successful career.

Syreeta has experience helping clients heal from: childhood abuse (emotional, verbal, physical, sexual), lack of attention, affection and nurturing in childhood, post-traumatic stress disorder, heartbreak recovery, divorce issues, betrayal, affair recovery, anxiety, depression, grief, anger, emotional abandonment, physical abandonment, career issues and racial trauma. Through her fluid therapeutic approach, Syreeta excels by creating spaces where there is a foundation of those three feelings, allowing people to have the courage to explore the depths of their soul and their fears because they know there is no judgment. Syreeta consistently and successfully challenges every person she encounters to “Just Be”.

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