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Just B Consulting partners with progressive, innovative, cutting edge organizations to empower its executives and employees to impact the financial bottom line from within. We believe that mental health and wellness is an integral component to productivity and success. Our goal at Just B. Consulting is to support those individuals in our program with developing the necessary tools to be the best version of themselves in a professional setting and beyond.

Please join us in creating a safe space and thoughtful conversation around mental health and wellness.


Our goal is to create a safe and honest space that fosters an environment that values:


One of our main goals is to increase employee retention by developing workshops and office environments (whether in person or virtual) that addresses the company’s needs.


We are your partner to building and sustaining an overall A+ successful business strategy.

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As we all know, the creative space and entertainment industry comes with their own sets of unique challenges and experiences. At Just B., we have designed our Mental Health and Wellness program to tackle those very challenges. Just B. has diligently worked at creating innovative wellness strategies such as; responding to the mental health crisis, creating an environment that builds resiliency and promotes connection, creating a culture that produces positive mental health outcomes when developing in-house programs and policies. These strategies have proven to insure that creatives and those who work with creatives are supported in a way that creates an environment of optimal success.

We customize mental health and wellness departments that fit any company’s needs, wants and desires. We are a team of professionals that are thought leaders in the space of mental health, wellness and executive training. We have a high statistical rate of increasing employee retention, company morale, work life balance and managing and increasing positive coping skills.

The team at Just B. has witnessed firsthand that all companies excel when everyone within the company feels as though they are being treated with dignity and respect. Through our thoughtful and results driven programs, Just B. Consulting Group is creating a new normal in the industry that prioritizes mental health and wellness in house for all creatives, executives and employees.


A successful organization is 100% dependent on its members and their capability to make decisions. Our mental health program is designed with your organization in mind. When your employees and clients are mentally drained it clouds their decision making skills which can lead to the debilitation of your organization. Our Mental Health program purposefully steers the path to discover overlapping wins for both its members and the organization. By addressing the root cause of the mental block between you, your employees and clients, we are able to assist with building a safe space to digress, reset and refocus their mental state. Our clients include artists, executives and staff alike. Our team is trained to identify key behaviors specific to each member of your team which enables everyone to overcome obstacles that would otherwise be detrimental to the overall company goal. We pride ourselves in our ability to realize the non-zero sum game for your organization and its members.


Our wellness program marries the psychological aspects of business to its members physically in a team building environment. Some organizations require more hands-on team building skills, managerial training and our wellness program will not disappoint. From obstacle courses to team building activities we are your one stop shop to building lasting business relations with members invested in the wins of the organization as a whole. As your members become more invested in accomplishing their work goals, it brings rise to a natural symbiotic relationship to exist between your organization and its members.


Our Executive Coaching Program is developed with your team in mind. We partner with your leaders to create pathways to overcome vision blocks while measuring and accomplishing organizational goals. Our work is uniquely designed to identify obstacles, aid to remove barriers and align business decisions for your executive team to clearly navigate the road to business success. We have a proven track record in improving the financial bottom line through the specific lens of executive decision making.