Our Mission

Just B. Consulting Group is the first Mental Health & Wellness program to provide in-house services for creative and athletic organizations. Job positions within the entertainment and athletics are often highly stressful, and may carry a great deal of pressure. When coupled with a culture of unhealthy coping styles such as substance use and avoidance, concerns surrounding mental health begin to arise.

At Just B., it is our goal to support executives, staff, and artists and athletes, with managing and maintaining their mental health and wellness. Through individual and group therapy, retreats, events, executive training and consultation, we aim to improve coping and overall mental health by strengthening resources and fostering an environment which emphasizes wellness.

Why choose us?

Our goal is to be the premier consulting group that creates a new normal in the entertainment, sports and lifestyle industries, that prioritizes mental health and wellness in-house for all creatives, executives, and employees.

 – We customize mental health and wellness program that fit any company’s need, wants and desires.

 – We have a high statistical rate of increasing employee retention and moral which overall supports companies bottom line.

 – Mental health and wellness are an integral component to productivity and success.


“I finally realized that owning up to your vulnerabilities is a form of strength. And making the choice to go to therapy is a form of strength.”


Explore Our Services

Therapy shouldn’t be something that is feared, we all need someone we can talk with and turn to.

Department Programs

We customize mental health and wellness departments to fit any company’s need, wants and desires.


Corporate Workshops & Executive Training

Reimagining and rediscovering a company’s ecosystem from the executive level on down.

Executive Mental Wellness Retreats

Bringing together executives and fostering better business practices

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