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“Work on being a good human being before being a good musician. “

– Quincy Jones

Department Programs

As a company the questions should be asked “Are we aligned” in our purpose, morals, goals and drives.  Just B.’s mission is to properly align the company’s mission in one direction. To optimize performance and enhance the working and creative environment.

Executive Retreat

At the Just B. Executive Summit participants will deals with work place relationships, best business practices, financial literacy, management issues and concerns, as well as talent support. 

Develop an understanding of ways to recognize and strategize around staff and artist triggers and ability to cope in different work related situation. 

It’s important to create community with other executives in hopes of finding your tribe who understands the unique set of circumstances that come with being an executive.

Corporate Workshops & Executive Training

Coaching is the process of collaborating, exploring, and creating awareness to help people identify their values and strengths, discover untapped resources, overcome obstacles, maximize their potential, and realize their goals. Our style of workshops and training is attentive, transparent, and personable, emphasizing the discovery of fundamental motivations, aligning these with desired outcomes, and facilitating the design of measurable action plans (that leverage strengths) once motivations and desired outcomes are aligned.

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